The Shirts Every Man Needs

They are as essential as trousers or a t-shirt. We all have them, some of us wear them more than others, but ultimately, they are a staple piece. That’s right we are talking about shirts. It’s the item you have that will see you through weddings, work, BBQ’s and a trip down to your local. Whatever the occasion, we can guarantee there is a style of shirt that will tick all the boxes and that’s the beauty of them.

But where do you begin when looking for that perfect shirt? Well, we’ve put together a list of shirts to ensure you have all bases covered.

Non-Iron Shirt

If you don’t have one – it will change your life. The non-iron shirt is an absolute must in every man’s wardrobe. Timesaving, easy to care for and no fuss, it really is the best investment you can make. You can be sure you will always look sharp with minimal effort and avoid the dreaded back creases from driving or sitting down for a long time. With our ever fast-paced lifestyles and minimal time to spare, a non-iron shirt is the ideal solution.

Our non-iron cotton rich shirts come in a range of colours and are smart enough for the office whilst being comfortable enough to relax in. Save those precious ten minutes in the morning and add one to your wardrobe now – and thank us later! Available regular and king-size options from 15"-23" collar, see our picks below.